About Us

IMG_1292PT Avtek Transutama is a company specializing in Aviation field and was established on June 8, 1978 followed by the service center on November 5, 1983. Our company is the Instrument, Avionics, Accessories, Propeller Repair station with approval of the Indonesian DGCA AMO 145 / 9400. Also we are holding Aircraft Component Distributor under Indonesian DGCA AMO 57 / 0170.


With a various principle offices, professional experiences and the increase in demands from the Aviation Industries, PT Avtek Transutama has been serving a General Aviation, Commercial Aviation, Indonesia Armed Forces Aviation, Indonesia Navy Aviation, Indonesia Police Aviation And Indonesia Air Force offering an integrated service in equipment sales and service specialists.


The Service Specialists of PT Avtek Transutama is to repair, overhaul or modification of wide range capabilities of the various types of aircraft on the Instruments, Avionics, Accessories, Propeller bringing the company to become a complete repair shop rated by the local authority and supported by independent overseas repair shops thru the manufacturers in a modern air‐conditioned environment with the latest technology that the market demands.




I. Instruments and Avionics, Accessories.

These sections will provide services covering of Inspection, Testing, Maintenance, Repair, Overhaul, and Modification of:
• Aircraft Instrument Systems ( Class 1,2,3 )
• Aircraft Avionic Systems
• Aircraft Accessories

We are The Authorized and Distribution Service Centre of Honeywell, Garmin and Universal Avionic.


II. Propeller

Repair and overhaul Hartzell and McCauley Propeller.


III. Authorized Dealer and Service Center

• Garmin International, Inc.
• Universal Avionics, Inc.


IV. We also have some principles as our agents in Indonesia :

• AEOS Australia, for Hydraulic, Fire bottle, Oxygen bottle, Component repair and
• AVIALL Singapore, for Consumable part
• ST Aerospace, Singapore for Engine CFM 56‐3, ‐7 Repair and Overhaul
• HANGXIN Guangzhou, for Avionic Boeing 737, A320, Repair and Overhaul
• S‐PRO ,Singapore for ATR Landing Gear Repair and Overhaul